New Model Suggests That Protein was Life’s First Molecule

Proteins have taken a back seat to Ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules in speculations of researchers about the origin of life. However, a new computational model that explains how early biopolymers may have developed to fond into useful forms may change that. The model which is currently guiding experiments in the laboratory for confirmation could demonstrate that protein is the original self-replicating biomolecule.
For researchers studying how life began, one of the most important questions is: what molecule came first— proteins or nucleic acids? About 4 billion years ago, basic chemical building blocks grew to become polymers that could self-replicate and carry out functions vital to life: namely catalyzing chemical reactions and storing information. For many years, protein has handled the later job and the nucleic acid the latter one. RNA and DNA carry the instructions for the creation of proteins.
Elizaveta Guseva and Ken Dill of Stony Brook University in New York, and Ronald Zuckermann of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California have developed a model that suggests protein could be the first life molecule. Although the RNA as the first molecule hypothesis reigns supreme, Zuckermann and Dill remain optimistic about what further study will yield. The researchers also plan to use the model to study other questions about how life started, including why and how the genetic code arose.



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