BioUML: An Open Source Software Platform for System Biology


BioUML is an open source and extensible software framework for data analysis from advanced computational biology developed by researchers from the Institute of Systems Biology. The platform is available online and is used in research labs for the discovery of disease origins and prevention. The platform aims at covering all areas of computational applications in systems biology and bioinformatics.
Currently, BioUML include three versions: BioUML Server, BioUML Workbench, and BioUML Web Edition. BioUML Server provides access to data and analysis techniques. BioUML Workbench is a Java application that works standalone for the platform server edition. Lastly, BioUML Web Edition is a web browser that offers most of the BioUML workbench functionality.
Since 2003, the platform has been developed constantly and provides data analysis and visualizations for researchers involved in molecular biology research. It allows scientists to comprehensively describe biological systems function and structure including tools needed to make findings related to metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and genomics.
High-throughput sequencing and other next-generation sequencing methods create big data. BioUML platform disseminates, study, and produce simulations and visualizations, facilitates parameter fitting and supports numerous other analysis techniques needed to deal with large amounts of data.


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