Microbes in Human Body: Association Between Abundance of Microbiota Species and Accessibility of Its Resources

Each human house thousands of various types of microbes called the microbiota. In other terms, microbiotas are microbes in the human body that are involved in biological systems of the human body. For example, natural procedures help determine novel group of species in every individual

According to a research that was published in Science Daily, microbial species in the human body vary from individual to individual and this variation is as result of the variation in resources that are accessible to the microbes in the body.

Conducted by Charles Fisher and his colleagues from the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, the study examines how the microbes in the human body are impacted by the resource availability in the human body. The researchers developed a scientific mathematical model that shows the relationship between the abundance of different microbiota species and the resource accessibility they use inside the human body.

The analysis of the research on the microbes within the human body also showed that the species that are closely related in terms of taxonomy share the common resources. The research was focused on the microbiota from people who were healthy. The study can further assist scientists to examine the role of shared resources in controlling diseases that are related to the microbiota within the human body.





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