Computational Biology Program – Wellesley College


The selection of an institution of higher learning is important to both the parent and prospective student because this is intended to shape their future in the long run. That is why some parents are so specific in this process and mostly they would not want to take chances because of the importance they have attached to the same.

On the other hand, learning institutions have become diverse in this day and age in terms of gender. There are those that enroll both females and males while others have opted to enroll either one of the genders. This is one of the priorities that parents consider in such a process and it gets to affect the choice of the institution where their children will be enrolled.

If you are a gender sensitive parent in such a case, you might be tempted to settle for an institution where only one gender is allowed. There are also various programs being offered in these schools such as computational biology among others. If you are seeking the best college for your daughter to pursue this particular program, then you can opt for Wellesley College which is an institution purely meant for the female gender.

More than just being an institution for the female gender only, it is one of the best going by the fact that it has been ranked first among all other women colleges available in the United States. As a liberal arts college, it ranks 4th place according to the U.S. News & World Report. It received its first students in the year 1875 and previously, it was called Wellesley Female Seminary.

In the year 1873 is when it acquired the name Wellesley College. This institution allows its students to take advantage of exchange programs by offering a chance to study at Trinity, Wheaton, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, Connecticut College, Smith, among others for one year. This serves to expand the knowledge of students even as they learn from their counterparts.

You can also cross-register at Olin College, Babson, MIT and Brandeis if you opt for this college. On average, the class size at the institution is between 17 and 20 students, with the student-faculty ratio being 7:1. These attributes have positioned the college as one of the best options to pursue this program, in addition to being a place where the right environment for success is availed.

One of the notable alumni of the institution is Hillary Clinton who is a world figure. It gives you a sense of pride to learn in such an institution and it will be a wise choice for both the parent and prospective student(s).