New Studies and New Hope for Nerve Regeneration

Nerve damage is one of the most frustrating human conditions, whether it comes from injury or illness. Because of their complex nature, nerve systems are nearly impossible to regrow or repair, especially after serious damage. This is devastating for so many people who have lost feeling and function in limbs; it is difficult to have hope when you are told your condition is permanent.


There may be some good news on the horizon, however. A research team comprised of scientists from the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech University, the University of Maryland, Princeton University, and Johns Hopkins University has developed what could be a very promising treatment.


Using a 3-D printer, they have been able to scan a rat’s sciatic nerve and print a silicone “guide” with biochemical properties. This guide can actually train the body to regenerate nerves and repair damaged connections. The guide was effective in repairing both sensory and motor nerve connections. The results were so dramatic, that the rats implanted with the guide were actually walking again after 10-12 weeks.


The device can be created in a matter of hours, but once implanted, the body requires several weeks to allow the nerves to regrow. During the regrowth process, the patient would need intense physical therapy in order to train the muscles to begin working again.


While simpler nerve systems have shown the potential for regrowth, this is really the first time anyone has attempted to regrow a complex nerve like the sciatic nerve, which houses both sensory and motor components. This could be a huge breakthrough for so many people suffering from injuries and degenerative conditions. There are still many phases of testing before this treatment can become a reality, but the research team is extremely optimistic.


Computer Science

This is a study that involves the practical application of information that may be coded in a computer memory inform of bits or any other concealed details that has been learnt in theory. It requires the application of various concepts for such information to be brought to light and this is what in turn enables the application of the same.

Such concepts include computer programming, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, computational complexity theory, programming language and theory among others. These concepts have been viewed as branches of computer science and this is what will help you understand storage, representation, acquisition and processing of information in systems.

It is important to know all these because they are attached to algorithms also known as methodical procedures in relation to mechanization, feasibility, expression and structure and this is part of what computer science entails. From the early days, computer science has continued to attract interest from various quotas where it has been applied.

Some of these applications include grouping and building data through data structures, modeling or construction of computer programs through programming languages. Experts in this area are commonly called programmers. It is also applied in drawing of pictures through use of computer graphics, solving mathematical problems using computer algebra, linking computers to each other using computer networks and many more.

Computer scientists are basically individuals that work with computers and use the concepts of computer science in various applications as mentioned earlier. The aim here is to get to have computers think like human beings in the way they approach and solve various issues and this is what a computer scientist will be involved in through studies in computer science.

Interaction with various disciplines in this field for such individuals is a common norm and this is because they are related in one way or another. Computer science will cover such disciplines as statistics, mathematics, science, logic, philosophy and others. These disciplines are the backbone of understanding concepts behind this field of study.

You will also among other areas explore the fields of information systems/information technology and computer engineering. Computer science in essence acts as an umbrella that is wide in coverage which will spread your knowledge in all of these areas. With useful information covering this areas computer scientists are now able to use applications on computers to make them think like humans.

This is the idea behind computer science which has led to various discoveries over time and their application in the real world.

Hanover College

Parents are involved in the selection of best colleges for their children in one way or another especially when they come to the point of joining college. At times this is not an easy process and it may take some time depending on what an individual has settled to pursue. Finding the best college has been viewed as one of the aspects that will contribute to the success of such individuals.
For those planning to pursue a computational biology program Hanover College is a great institution that will offer you the necessary support needed to succeed in this program. Located close to Ohio River in Hanover, Indiana, Hanover College is a private institution and the oldest of its kind in the state of Indiana.
The institution was established in 1833 having sprung from the Hanover Academy which had been set up in 1827. Operations started when a charter was issued by the state of Indiana. In its effort to offer quality education in science disciplines, Hanover College unveiled a $23 million Science Center in 2000 which is at the center of offering programs in 5 natural sciences computational biology program included.
Such a commitment is an indication that this institution is one of the best places where you can pursue this program successfully since their learning facilities are well equipped for these studies. It is also an indication that they appreciate the importance of this program in the society as a whole and the need to equip you appropriately for the same.
This institution is independent in many ways including the area of finances but even with this you will be able to access scholarships when you become part of the institution. The other facility you will find here is dorm rooms that have a direct-dial telephone. All these together with other provisions are meant to improve your learning experience as well as success at the end of your course work.
Apart from class work, you can be part of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference in which Hanover College athletic team takes part. Over and above this once you are through with your program here, you can become part of the institution’s active alumni group that is involved in various activities that are directed towards benefitting the institution.
Studying your computational biology program at Hanover College becomes more than course work when you are in the institution and even after you graduate. This makes it a great institution to be associated with when learning and after leaving.

Harvard College

This is a world renowned institution with many notable alumni men and women alike forming part of the successful graduates that have passed through it. Getting to pursue your computational biology program here will not only give you an edge in the job market but also an opportunity to study in an institution that is equipped in all ways. Simply put, it is a top notch institution.

This institution came into existence with no student, building or tutor through a vote of the colony of Massachusetts Bay which was by the Great and General Court in the year 1636. This makes it the oldest in the United States and after the death of John Harvard who was a minister in Charlestown in 1638; it acquired the name Harvard College.

John of London was the first ever printing press for North America and it was established right here. Harvard College continues to offer undergraduate programs having been established as one that would open the door to establishment of other colleges after its kind in the colonial period which did not happen in the long run.

The first Indian to graduate from Harvard was Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck in the year 1665 with Nathaniel Eaton having to be sent away due to enforcement of severe discipline in 1639. He was the institution’s first instructor. Undergraduate programs continued to be offered even after the birth of Harvard University towards the end of the eighteenth century as a result of the introduction of degree programs.

While at the institution, you have the option of pursuing a special concentration which is an academic major that you design by yourself or the joint concentration where you get to work with two academic majors in terms of requirements. Enrollment is very competitive in the College with up to three-quarters of the total 2000 selected every year coming in.

This means that finding a slot here to pursue computational biology will be a great opportunity to study in this prestigious institution that many around the world are longing to join. This year, the institution will adopt what will be known as the honor code and you also get the advantage of adopting the concept of a Harvard “man” should know “a little of everything, and one thing well”.

This concept was borrowed from the words of Abbott Lawrence Lowell which implied that as one specialized in a concentration venturing in other areas of intellect to be exposed will be worthwhile. He was a previous president in the institution which was composed of the male gender only in his time.

Another benefit you can enjoy is aid extended to students through grants with up to $414 million having been released for the same in 2009 alone. These are the attributes that make Harvard College a studying institution of choice for such programs as computational biology and many more.